4 Healthy Whole Grain Recipes to Celebrate National Nutrition Month



Anyone else obsessed with grains—overnight oats, warm farro, whole wheat spaghetti? YUM, right?! 

At United Way of New York City, we've totally jumped on the grains train under the foodie leadership of our FeedNYC team. They work everyday to help hundreds of New York City emergency food providers, like food pantries and soup kitchens, bring healthy foods to low-income communities throughout the City.  

This month we're especially over-the-moon for oats because March is National Nutrition Month. Powered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this annual monthlong celebration encourages making good food choices and creating healthy eating habits.   

In honor of National Nutrition Month, our FeedNYC team is serving up some of their favorite recipes to help you make nutritious choices, build those healthy habits, and freshen up your recipe deck. Moreover, FeedNYC has tested and enjoyed each of these recipes in one of their monthly food safety and nutrition workshops for our emergency food provider partners. So consider them verified with a FeedNYC stamp of approval!  


To kickoff FeedNYC's recipe roundup, here are four delicious whole grain recipes from their most recent Whole Grains for a Healthy Heart cooking workshop. 

At the workshop, FeedNYC and United Way of New York City emergency food partners not only cooked up a storm but also learned the ins and outs of grain anatomy to better understand the differences between whole and refined grains. Did you know in order for food to count as a WHOLE grain you need to eat ALL the parts of the grain—the bran, germ, and endosperm.


After cooking up these recipes, one of our emergency food provider participants exclaimed, “I am not a wheat/whole grain person, but from seeing what went on today in the cooking demos, I will try changing my diet!” Bon appetit, everyone!