5 Protein-Packed Recipes to Power Up Your Week



"Om nom nom nom nom!"  

If Cookie Monster could see our FeedNYC team's edible cookie dough, there'd be no words only "om nom nom nom nom's" followed by a bowl licked completely clean. Yep. This powerful protein recipe means business.  

Wait, a cookie dough that's also a powerful protein recipe? It just can't be!   

Well, NYC, today is your lucky day. The news is true. So get your "om nom nom nom's" ready for a cookie dough recipe that's packed with protein goodness. And, okay, maybe a dash or two of sugar (...you caught us). 

FeedNYC partners ready One Pot Mexican Quinoa.

Today, as we ascend the midweek hump, our FeedNYC team has just the #WellnessWednesday energy we need—five powerful protein recipes.    

FeedNYC partners chop veggies, the perfect addition to these protein-packed recipes.

That’s right, in honor of the final of National Nutrition Month powered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, our FeedNYC team is serving up one more batch of their favorite recipes to help you make nutritious choices, build those healthy habits, and freshen up your recipe deck. 

Moreover, FeedNYC has tested and enjoyed each of these recipes in one of their monthly food safety and nutrition workshops for our emergency food provider partners. So, consider them verified with a FeedNYC stamp of approval!  

With that, get your taste buds ready to test one of these recipes:

If you test one or all of these recipes, we'd love to see your feat of soup and stew strength! 

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