Spotlight on Jackie Jenkins: I Fight for Motivation



Meet Jackie Jenkins! She’s our calm, cool, and collected SVP, Chief Impact and Strategy Officer. She’s also a proud mom with a serious talent for lip-sync battling! Jackie fights for MOTIVATION and, in no more than 80 words, here’s why:  

"I fight for motivation because any positive changes women have created in the world started from a deeper internal spark, a reason why. Motivation is all about inner purpose. Once you understand your "why"—that deeper reason that propels you forward—you will be much more likely to stay the course, to persist and persevere when obstacles get in your way and people tell you that you are crazy to keep going. All women need that invisible shield of motivation."  

Let’s take a moment. Let’s think about our “why’s.”  

Why are you on this page? What drew you here? Is it a deeply rooted belief in giving back? Do you believe you can make a meaningful difference for your neighbors in need—for our City as a whole?   

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) is here talking to you because right now in our City 2.7 million people can’t stand on their own two feet. They struggle everyday to cover basics like rent, food, child care, transportation, utilities, and health care. Mothers, fathers, and caregivers have to make tough choices like getting food on the table or keeping a roof over their kids’ heads. This is not okay.

At UWNYC, we fervently believe New York City is the City of opportunity, where all should be able to build their lives and fulfill their Big Apple dreams. We believe the basics shouldn’t be a privilege, and we’re accountable for leading that fight.  

So, what’s your “why”? Why do you want to fight for your community? Share this article on Facebook or Twitter and tell us! Or, jump in the #powerofwomen conversation @unitedwaynyc on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Last but not least, come, fight for NYC's most-challenged communities on March 7, 2018 at our 12th Annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon