Spotlight on Karyn Twaronite: I Fight for Sustainable



Meet Karyn Twaronite! She’s the Partner, Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer at EY and a United Way of New York City (UWNYC) Board member. This female leader is also a mom and Miami University grad—go RedHawks! Karyn fights for SUSTAINABLE and, in no more than 80 words, here’s why:    

"I believe in a sustainable approach to inclusion alongside diversity, in all of our communities, essential for real progress. At EY, and at UWNYC, we work together to maximize the power of differences to build high-performing teams and to create a stronger sense of belonging."  

When we embrace belonging and join different voices, we pave the way toward a more sustainable inclusive future where collaboration drives meaningful social progress. I’m proud to be a Board member of UWNYC.  

UWNYC, like Karyn, believes in the power of joining different voices to fight for meaningful social progress—it’s at the core of how we approach making positive, lasting impact in New York City. To help our low-income neighbors move from surviving to thriving, we’re coordinating and aligning our fight across the City with business, government, community, and individual partners, like you. How well we listen to each other and unite our diverse voices, inspirations, and beliefs will propel our ability to create solutions (not Band-Aids) that help every NYC family win.   

Do you believe collaboration is key to making sustainable differences in our communities? We need your voice. Come, unite to make a difference in NYC on March 7, 2018 at our 12th Annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon, where we'll raise critical support to help NYC families move from surviving to thriving.