Spotlight on Lissedia Tirado: I Fight for Courage



Meet Lissedia Tirado! Lissedia is one of the moms impacted by our ReadNYC program. She, with her husband and son Charles, live in a South Bronx community that faces many challenges and is located in the poorest congressional district in the United States. Wanting to provide the best life for her son, Lissedia found ReadNYC—our collective impact program that's helping her entire family build a more stable foundation for future success.

Charles participates in ReadNYC's Expanded Day Learning and Once Upon a Summer programs—helping him stay on track for future academic success all year long. Meanwhile, Lissedia is a member of ReadNYC’s Parent Collective, a group where she collaborates with other ReadNYC parents and learns how to be Charles's best teacher. And, although Lissedia and her husband have stable jobs, when Lissedia had a temporary cut in her hours, they fell behind on their rent. ReadNYC connected her to critical resources that helped cover rental expenses—keeping her family in their home until they could get back up on their feet.

Asking for help is not always easy, but Lissedia is courageous and committed to being the best mom she can be for Charles. She loves how much opportunity he has to learn and grow in ReadNYC. In fact, she now advocates for other moms and their courage to get involved with the program too:

"I fight for courage. Courage enables a person to face difficulties, danger, or pain—feelings no one wants to experience. With courage, we as women can fight for what we believe in, we can stand up and speak out for ourselves without shame, and we can set our minds to do and be whatever we choose in life. Courage signifies the empowerment of women today in our communities."

Echoing Lissedia’s comments, it takes courage and support to fight for what you believe in. That's why at United Way of New York City we bring companies, community organizations, government agencies, and individuals together to team up for families like Lissedia's. United, we can effectively brave the toughest challenges—we can take them head on and create new solutions to old problems that help families like Lissedia's not only make ends meet but thrive.

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