Government Shutdown Resources

Support New Yorkers

United Ways across the country are on the ground helping our neighbors everyday, and know what’s needed in our local community. We fight for the education, health, and financial stability of our most vulnerable neighbors every day. Here in the Big Apple, we are aware that due to the recent government shutdown there are an even greater number of New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet. No organization is better positioned than United Way of New York City (UWNYC) to bring critical resources together for those who need help. Our reach into every borough and our deep relationships with all sectors allow us to create the safety net that will assist our neighbors, and maintain the fabric of our diverse tapestry of communities.

To assist New Yorkers in need, as well as those affected by the government shutdown, donate to UWNYC today.


Resources for Federal Workers

  • Furloughed workers can review guidance about unemployment benefits and are eligible to file for unemployment. To file, visit:
  • Review the Department of Labor's website to for information from individual state offices.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Women, Infants, Children (WIC), and free and reduced price lunch, as well as other food benefits, are still available. To stay up-to-date with information, visit USDA's website
  • Public housing (Section 8) for most recipients should be paid through February. More information is available here and through local agencies.
  • Federal tax refunds are being accepted and processed as scheduled, beginning January 28. More information is available here. Be prepared for slower processing times given current staffing shortages. For more information regarding your tax refunds during the government shutdown visit here. 
  • Medicaid, CHIP, Disability, and Social Security Benefits are not affected by the shutdown.
  • Benefits for Veterans through the VA are not affected by the shutdown.
  • SUNY and CUNY Students: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has directed SUNY and CUNY to assist students with college-related expenses during the prolonged federal shutdown. Payments for tuition and related college expenses will be postponed, and no late fees or penalties will be charged to impacted students. This temporary reprieve will apply to federal employees, dependents of federal employees, and students who are dependent on loans from the federal government that may be delayed. SUNY and CUNY leadership will work with their respective campuses to make financial arrangements for impacted students and their families (check with each school’s Office of Financial Aid).
  • The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) may be able to help furloughed federal workers apply for and obtain public assistance benefits. Some furloughed federal workers or federal employees who are still working but not receiving a paycheck may be eligible for emergency assistance to help meet basic needs through the state's OTDA. Even households that are not traditionally eligible for public assistance may be eligible for short-term assistance to help pay rent or buy food if they do not have resources readily available to them due to loss of income. Anyone interested in receiving this help or learning about what programs they may be eligible for are encouraged to visit or go to their local department of social services or New York City Job Center

Support from Our Corporate Partners

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo will waive fees for customers who have direct deposit from the federal government, or at the customer’s request, and will offer short and long-term assistance for those who need extra time to make payments. For customer contact numbers pertaining to the federal government shutdown, click here

Bank of America:

Bank of America is reaching out to its customers affected by the shutdown to inform them about its Client Assistance Program, which offers a variety of financial assistance options based on your specific needs. They have a priority assistance phone line that you can contact at 844.219.0690. For personalized assistance, you can also schedule an appointment to meet with a specialist.

Chase Bank:

Chase Bank has promised to help customers who are government employees affected by the shutdown. It is encouraging customers to call its toll-free number at (888) 356-0023 to discuss the company's various hardship programs.

TD Bank:

TD Bank customers who are federal employees, contractors, or receive federal benefits can enroll in the TD Cares Payment Assistance Program to help meet day-to-day financial needs during the partial government shutdown. The program benefits will extend until those impacted begin receiving their regular government pay. Click here for more information.