Hands-On Volunteering

Meal Preparation and Service

Approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers don’t know from where their next meal will come. Through our network of emergency food providers in the Hunger Prevention & Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) and the Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP), we ensure that those in need have access to  healthy and nutritious meals. Volunteers will assist in preparing and serving meals to individuals at one of these community kitchens.

Teams of 5–20  •  Community event   •   $25 per person
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Urban Gardening

Many low-income New Yorkers live in “food deserts”–neighborhoods with virtually no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In an effort to address this, UWNYC launched its Urban Farms initiative to provide fresh produce where it is desperately needed, to educate people on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, and to unite neighbors around an initiative that benefits the whole community. A typical urban farm provides approximately 1,200 pounds of fresh produce to its community each growing season. Volunteers will help build or revitalize one of these community gardens with activities such as planting, harvesting, composting, mulching, and weeding.

Teams of 5–15   •   Community event   •   $40 per person + additional material costs
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Food Pantry Assistance

In New York City, 2.6 million people regularly have trouble affording food. Through the Hunger Prevention & Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) and the Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP), UWNYC partners with over 500 pantries around New York City to provide families with nutritious food every week. Volunteers will assist with assembling and distributing pantry bags to families visiting the pantry.

Teams of 5–20   •    Community event   •    $25 per person 
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Packing Kits

Many of our community partners do not have sufficient funds to purchase crucial material goods needed for their clients.  Corporate partners can assemble essential supply kits as an inspiring team-building activity, while bringing tangible comfort and encouragement to those in need. Kit components are purchased by UWNYC and shipped to the specified venue.

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Sorting Donations

UWNYC’s nonprofit partners often receive high-volume donations and need extra hands to sort and categorize them. Volunteers play a crucial role for those organizations that may not have the capacity to get these donations out into the community. Volunteers will assist in sorting, categorizing, and packing donations so that they may reach individuals in need. 

Teams of 20–50   •    Community event   •    Team-building   •    $25 per person
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