Skills-based Volunteering

Career Panels and Workshops

UWNYC has a long history of working with youth to ensure they are graduating high school college- and career-ready. Currently, less than 30% of students graduate from high school ready for college. Volunteers can help introduce at-risk high school students to a variety of professions and career opportunities. Students can tour corporate office settings, learn about various career paths, and even get some tips on applying to college.

Teams of 5–15   •    Community or In-office event   •    Skills-building   •    $40 per person
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Resume Review and Mock Interviews

In New York City, 50% of individuals are at or near the poverty line, and 729,000 are unemployed. UWNYC’s goal is to help financially insecure families move away from crisis situations to more stable environments. Volunteers will help prospective job seekers polish their resumes and practice their interviewing skills in a corporate setting.

Teams of 5–15   •    Community or In-office event   •  Skills-building   •    $40 per person
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Volunteer Tax Assistance 

1 in 3 families in New York City do not have savings set aside for use in emergencies. The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program provides substantial financial benefits to America’s working poor.  Unfortunately, many New Yorkers who qualify do not apply because they don’t know about the program, don’t know how to apply, or are intimidated by the process. Volunteers who want to put their professional skills to use will be trained to provide free tax preparation for low-income New Yorkers to determine their eligibility for the EITC. 

Individual opportunity   •   Community event   •    Skills-building   •    No additional costs
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BoardServeNYC offers you the opportunity to take volunteerism to the next level by serving on a nonprofit board, which includes donating your time and professional expertise in service to the community. UWNYC’s BoardServeNYC initiative can help you acquire the skills and knowledge needed to serve as an effective board member. Participants are selected through an application process, and once accepted, attend a one-day training session, where they learn about the New York City nonprofit sector, the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, and how to evaluate potential board service opportunities. After completing the training, candidates are introduced to local nonprofits that are actively recruiting board members. For more information, visit

Individual or group opportunity   •     Skills-building   •     Leadership  development   •   $100 per person 

BoardServe+ is an exclusive, customizable program to teach the fundamentals of nonprofit board service for UWNYC corporate partners. This program is ideal for companies that want to give employees the opportunity to deepen their impact on some of New York City’s most challenging issues. Custom BoardServe+ training sessions are available on-site at company offices and can range between 2 and 6 hours for up to 40 employees. Please contact your account executive for more information.