Food Support Connections: What to Expect

Food Support Connections (FSC) partner sites employ friendly, bilingual, and knowledgeable staff to assist you with SNAP screening and the application process.

• Please refer to the income guidelines and document checklist to prepare for your first visit to a Food Support Connections site

• Expect to have a bit of a wait. Our Food Support Connections sites serve many families and individuals

• Your appointment may take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. Depending on your eligibility and schedule, you can receive application support on the spot. Some of our sites can help you apply for Food Stamps with their Paperless Office System (POS). The POS process can take as long as an hour

• Depending on what you've accomplished during your appointment, here are some of the potential next steps. If you are:

Not eligible but still in need of food assistance
There are still options that can help meet your needs. Please see "Additional Resources" to view what alternatives you have or ask your FSC screener

Screened and eligible but not ready to apply
When you are ready to apply or receive application support, do not hesitate to contact your FSC screener, who is more than happy to help. Your FSC screener may reach out to you to follow up as well. Please make sure to give a VALID phone number or means of contact

In need of application support
You can apply by mail or by dropping off your application at your local Human Resources Administration (HRA) center. When you drop it off, you will have your required interview to confirm certain details on your application. While your eligibility is being determined, you’ll also be asked to be finger imaged. It’s a simple process and a necessary step for applying for food stamps in New York

Finished applying
Your application has been submitted; all you've got to do is have your telephone interview and get finger imaged. Someone from the Human Resources Administration (HRA) will call you to confirm certain details on your application. Please make sure you answer the phone. If you don't get a phone interview, let an FSC screener know, and they can help